Trespassing is generally when a person knowingly enters or remains unlawfully on a piece of property after they have been requested to leave, or without the expressed permission of the owner, or in violation of a posted sign warning of Trespass.

First Steps

The first step is to investigate the details of the situation and seek out the possible alternatives that could be arranged with the assistance of the legal team at the firm. Some property owners can be brought around to dropping charges when other alternatives are discussed with a skilled negotiator from the firm. If you fail to get legal assistance, you could face fines, a blot on your criminal record and the embarrassment of being involved in a legal matter in court.

Some potentially helpful legal defenses include:

  • You had the right to be on the property
  • You had consent to be on the property
  • You didn’t “occupy” the property (for certain kinds of trespass) . . . or you didn’t actually obstruct or interfere with activity on the property (for other kinds)
  • The property was not fenced or signed (for trespass as an infraction)

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If you are charged with trespassing in California, you are not out of luck. An experienced California criminal defense attorney can help by raising relevant legal defenses that may help you get your charges reduced or dismissed. Contact The Law Office Carolina C. Gomez if you have been accused of trespassing.