Probation Violation

Probation Violation – Legal Services

Violating probation is a crime in itself, and the consequences can be serious. Any number of things can trigger a violation, but the most common violations happen when you don’t follow the probation rules or conditions given by the court.

Common occurrence’s that trigger a violation.

  • Not completing community service or drug, alcohol, parenting or other court-ordered counseling
  • Not paying fines, or not repaying the victim of the crime (called restitution), on time and in full, as ordered by the court
  • Not showing up in court for scheduled hearings
  • Not reporting to your probation officer
  • Not getting and keeping a job
  • Not visiting someone or someplace – such as a boyfriend or girlfriend, or their homes – for a certain period of time
  • Not staying in the area the judge may have confined you to – such as your city or town

Violation Triggers

Other than violating the specific rules and conditions set out by the court, a probation violation is almost always triggered if, during the probation period, you:

  • Are arrested or commit another crime
  • Use, sell, or possess illegal drugs

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