Domestic Abuse

It’s illegal to commit an assault, battery or criminal threat against anyone. But if the alleged victim is your fianc√©, spouse, cohabitant, dating partner or the parent of your child, California domestic violence laws make the allegation much more serious.

Almost every district attorneys office in California has a special unit dedicated to prosecuting domestic violence cases. They usually will proceed with the case even if the accuser “recants” or insists he/she doesn’t want to press charges. And most counties impose jail time for domestic abuse convictions, even in first-offense misdemeanor cases.

Domestic Violence and Immigration Issues

California domestic violence laws present an especially serious problem for immigrants who are not United States citizens. Most of the DV offenses are crimes of moral turpitude and conviction will cause deportation. If you are a non-citizen accused of some sort of domestic abuse crime, it’s imperative that you fight the case and avoid a criminal conviction. Otherwise you may lose your opportunity to remain in the United States and eventually to naturalize.

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Simply being arrested for an alleged Domestic Violence crime does not necessarily mean the charge will stick. The Law Office of Carolina C. Gomez is your best bet for fighting the case successfully. We may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed, and keep your criminal record clean.