If you or a loved one have been charged with burglary, it is important to know what your legal rights are. CCGomez Law is highly knowledgeable in this area of law and will be able to provide you with an experienced and passionate defense.

Burglary Classifications

Burglary charges may be classified. There is first degree burglary, referred to in some states as residential burglary, and second degree burglary which usually includes all other burglaries of businesses, cars, boats, etc. First degree burglary is considered a greater offense than second degree burglary. It also important to remember that one does not need be successful in committing the burglary in order for a burglary charge to be brought against him/her. In other words, even the failed attempt of burglary may be charged as burglary itself. The only fact the prosecutor has to prove is that the intent to steal or commit another felony was present at the time of entry. Because of this lenient standard, it is crucial to hire a burglary attorney to represent you and defense you every step of the way.

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